I Make Logo’s

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I make logos - it’s not my day job, I do it because I enjoy doing it.

If you are looking to improve your current logo or come up with a completely new logo I can help!

I will need your

1. Company name

2. Slogan / Year established -(only include this if you want it included in your design.)

3. Theme that you are going for or an example of another logo you really like.

3. Colors - that you want me to use.

4. Anything else that could help me help make your logo awesome.

Typically my designs take me 3-5 business days -possibly a week... I do this on my free time which I don’t have much of lol 😂 

What you get when your order ( hopefully we established a good solid foundation from the start.)

You will get the initial 1st design concept - I don’t mind making little changes like color changes but to completely start over, I will charge you $50 for each additional changes.

So it’s best to know what you are looking for and also to know what you are not looking for. 

My designs are simple, clean, professional looking 

I’ll send you all the files - PDF, PNG, AVI, JPG